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About Us...



Julian Brinac, born in Europe; has been an Ontario resident since 1969. He is currently enjoying his retirement with his wife Emily, in the scenic Bruce Peninsula.  This world renown natural area, is known for many species of orchids and unique wildlife, as well is the home of a national park.  This provides an ideal environment for stimulating Julian's creative approaches through the camera lens as seen in the Gallery!

Prior to retirement with his wife Emily, he successfully owned and managed a photography studio for 16 years in Southern Ontario. His increased interest in photography started at the young age of fifteen. Mostly a self-taught photographer; these talents are also combined with formal artistic achievements with a noteworthy certificate of successful completion from the New York Institute of Photography.

Julian and Emily have been active in camera clubs and photographic educational seminars throughout the years.  They are members of The Bruce Peninsula Society of Artists as well as the Owen Sound Camera Club.

Since retirement, their extensive world travels have become compiled in collections of approximately 6,000 transparencies!

"The joys and pleasures experienced through our artistic memoirs is something which needs to be shared with all..."

Julian Brinac

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